48. Learn to cook ten new recipes

I love to cook.

Even when I was little, I used to help my mum out a bit in the kitchen. I couldn’t do much yet, but I can assure you I was very good at tasting things, hah.

But anyway, I think my love for cooking stems from my youth. Now that I live in a student flat, I have to cook for myself daily. It kind of takes the fun out of it a bit, since it becomes somewhat like a chore to cook everyday. I especially dislike to cook just for one person (the portions NEVER work), so I prefer to cook with friends.

One of my goals for Day Zero was to learn ten new recipes. I realised today that I had finished this goal ages ago, but I can’t remember when exactly, so that’s why I’m posting this today. The goal only said ten new recipes, but I will add any new recipes I make to it, so the list stays updated.

1. Mocha cupcakes

2. Carrot cake cupcakes with creamcheese topping

3. Vegetable skewer

4. Zucchini bread

5. Pumpkin soup

6. Tiramisu pie

7. Sweet potato

8. Quiche

9. Home made chips

10. Burritos

11. Winter cookies

12. Mushroom risotto

13. Apple pie


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