About books and movies (#1)

Since I’ve got quite a few books and movies related goals, I think I will update those every once in a while.

I have stated I will read 100 books. So far, I’m at two. So, going strong, eh.
I’ve read two books by John Green and I’ve just started with my third from the same author. I’ve read An abundance of Katherines, which I liked and I finished it pretty quick, and I’ve read Paper Towns. I didn’t enjoy Paper Towns quite as much as I enjoyed An abundance of Katherines. It got a little boring at the end and I just wanted it to be over.
But well, I’m still going to read a third book (Looking for Alaska) by John Green, so I’m not done with his work yet.

If any of you are interested, I do actually have a Goodreads account (http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/11793742-rosalie), so you could also keep track of me on there.

And now movies. I’ve seen Frankenweenie (by Tim Burton. I loved it, as I do all his movies), Anastasia (the Disney movie, I’ve never seen it when I was little and I don’t know why, but I did really like it. I love the ‘Once upon a December’-song), The Hobbit (ofcourse. Love. Love. LOVE.), Pitch Perfect (which was surprisingly fun to watch, so I’d recommend it if you just want to relax and laugh), Mean Girls (again. Never ceases to be funny. And how cute, a non-messed up Lindsay Lohan), Project X (just.. well.. I don’t have any braincells left, but it was nice enough) and Perfume – Story of a murderer (which I’ve seen before, but still was as amazing as it was the first time. But damn, Ben Whishaw is kind of creepy playing Jean-Baptiste).

I think this about sums up what I’ve seen and read so far. My next update will be when I’ve read/seen enough to write about.


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