Update on 6. Complete the Start-to-run program

So I happily announced I was going to do the Start-to-run program a few months back and I think it’s time for a (very disappointing) update. I’ve only managed to get to lesson number five by now. I started out pretty well and got to lesson number three, but then I fell ill and just breathing became the hardest thing to do.
So, when I got better again, I decided to start again with lesson number one. In hindsight, I probably didn’t have to do that because lesson number one is really easy. After I got back to about lesson number three, I fell ill again and had to pause it again. This time I didn’t start over and just progressed with lesson number four and surprisingly, it went very well and I managed just fine.

I do hope my progress in the next few months will be a bit faster. My goal is to be able to run for at least fifteen minutes straight by the beginning of my summer vacation, so I can run outside and in open nature after that. When I’ve reached this goal and am able to run for half an hour, I will start with the next set of lessons. I believe they help you to reach a goal to run for an hour, but I’m not totally sure. My goal for now is just to complete the first set of lessons and just to keep my stamina at a steady level. I am still member of a fitness club, but it’s only for a year and I think I will end my subscription when the year is over. By then I really hope to be able to run for thirty minutes straight (which really shouldn’t be that hard to get to by the end of the year) and after that, I will just run outside.


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