73.Go to a concert-ish

Last Thursday April 25th I went to Amsterdams Studenten Festival with some friends and I saw some bands perform. It wasn’t really a concert I went to (as the name says, it’s a festival), but I will count it as a concert for now.


Haha! Cotton candy moustache!


Silent disco! Something I’ve always wanted to try. The music wasn’t very good and we didn’t keep the headphones on very long, but I did get to experience it. -I’m the one in the middle-.


And one of the bands I saw perform! This is The Itches and their musical style reminded me a little of Katzenjammer. I liked them.


The guy with the white shirt is a fellow student of mine and I was really curious to hear how his music sounded. I was not disappointed.

Some other bands also played, but I didn’t take any more pictures. One band I especially remember is Ashtraynutz (pronounced like Astronauts), but I don’t know if they’ve got any videos on youtube.

Again, I know this wasn’t really a concert, but for now it’ll have to do. I do hope to go to an actual concert before August 1st 2015.


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