22. Buy a eReader or tablet with an eReader app

So I’ve had my tablet with eReader app for a while, but I really wasn’t happy with it. A tablet is just a bit too big to use as an eReader and it wasn’t very convenient when I was travelling with public transport and all. Just when I was thinking about buying an eReader, I stumbled upon an advert for an eReader from Bruna. It was a BeBook Pure eReader for just €69.99, but I was in doubt. It didn’t have a touchscreen function and I am so used to a touchscreen that I didn’t think I could work with buttons. But then that same eReader was for sale at Kruidvat -a drugstore (and other stuff) in the Netherlands- for only €59.99 and also a case specially for that eReader for €9.99. So with this offer I would pay €69.98 for both the eReader and the case.

I’ve though long and hard about it, because I still didn’t know if I could work with buttons, but then again, it was a really nice offer. The thing that made me buy it at the end was a friend of mine who had bought this eReader for her mother for mother’s day. She said it was a really good basic eReader and the buttons worked just fine. She wasn’t bothered by the lack of touch screen and she’s from the same generation and also used to touch screens.

So! I now have a BeBook Pure (link) and I am very happy with it! It does what it’s supposed to do: be an eReader. I am very fascinated by the screen, which is special so you can read in sunlight. It looks and feels very different from what I’m used to. I don’t have any trouble controlling the buttons, though I do still have the urge to use the screen as a touch screen. I didn’t know I was that used to a touch screen, haha.


Look at it being pretty! I’ve got fourteen pages with writes to go through. I bet it’s going to take me a while, haha.


The books are also sorted alphabetically.


I don’t know yet if there’s a way for me to sort books by series, but I could also just look at one author, of course.


Pretty, pretty BeBook.


The case I ordered fits perfectly! The BeBook even has little indents where the case can grip the eReader.


Pretty, pretty case.


Look at how small it is!

I didn’t take a picture of it, but I put my phone, eReader and tablet next to each other on table. It was pretty funny, my tablet was twice my eReader and my eReader was twice my mobile phone. I bet my laptop would be twice my tablet.


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