Update on 6. Complete the Start-to-run program part II

About a month ago I told you guys I was at lesson five and right now I’ve got an update for you to tell you guys that I’ve done lesson ten today! I’m already at a third of the whole thing and so far, it’s going great. The last two weeks I’ve really been getting into it. I’ve found out about a park close to my house and it’s the perfect place to run.


Finding out about the park means I don’t have to go to the gym to run any more. I can just put on my shoes and clothes and run outside. This means I got a lot more freedom to plan my running, since I don’t have to include the trip to the gym.

I will probably still go to the gym from time to time, since I still pay for the membership. Two of my friends also have a membership and we can go together and motivate each other, so it wasn’t a waste of money, but I am very glad I got the cheapest deal they had.

But enough about that. I’ve found a schedule online that shows exactly what I have to do per lesson:

Evy Start to Run

Right now, I’ve just started week four. The yellow blocks are when I have to run, the white blocks are when I have to walk (at a moderate pace, haha). I had to run four minutes straight two times today and even though it may not seem like much for somebody else, to me that’s a lot. And I even didn’t have too much trouble keeping up.

So, that’s it for now. I will give you another update when I’m at lesson twenty and two-third done with the training. By then, I really hope to be able to run 5K.


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