Surprise! As you can see, my site looks a bit different. I was fed up with the old theme (it was too pink) and this theme suits me better. It still has some pink accents, but I like that it is a bit more grown-up. I have also added categories, so it should be easier to browse through my posts.

Another thing I’ve decided, is that I will post more non Day Zero related stuff. If I continue only posting Day Zero related stuff, I’m afraid my blog will slowly but tragically die. I just don’t complete enough goals in a certain timespan to keep my blog interesting. If I also post other stuff (like stories, poems, music), my blog will be updated more often.

And one last thing I wanted to share with you: I’ve now linked my Twitter account to this blog. An overview can be found in the sidebar on the right and a direct link can also be found in the ‘About me’ part. A fair warning though: I tweet in English and in Dutch, depending on what mood I’m in (and the difficulty of the sentence I need to form).


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