Review: A Million Suns

A Million Suns
A Million Suns by Beth Revis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If I can finish the third book by tomorrow morning, that’ll mean I have gone through a whole series in two days. I don’t believe I’ve ever done that before.

But that’s not what this review is about. This review is about A Millions Suns. This is one of the very few times that I liked a sequel better than the first book. The situation on the space-ship is set and there’s less explaining to do.

I think the story played out rather well. It wouldn’t be realistic if the people on the ship didn’t rebel or protest. They’d been drugged for a very long time and they’ve just come to realise that. Chaos and rebellion is a pretty logic reaction. I liked how Elder had to deal with a lot of trouble and how he often felt like he didn’t do anything right, because that’s how you’re supposed to feel in a situation like that.

Furthermore, I was very surprised by the ‘game’ of tips and trick left by Orion for Amy to find. I think it’s a very original way of telling the story. It wouldn’t have been believable if Amy found all of this out just by herself, so I’m glad that’s not how the story was written.

All in all I liked this book better than the first one in the series. The story has, in my opinion, more depth and a better pace. It still has some flaws and things I would’ve liked to see differently. I found it a little bit annoying that almost all of the main and important people used to be friends with each other. It’s a little bit questionable that all of them had something to do with it all. Still, it’s a pretty good book and I really enjoyed reading it.

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