6. Complete the Start-to-run program

~Time for a proper introduction to the Start-to-run program~

The Start-to-run program is a program that ‘teaches’ you how to run for thirty minutes straight. It’s in audio form and you can put it on any device that plays .mp3 files. It’s narrated in Dutch (or, more accurately, Flemish) by Evy Gruyaert.

The training has enough lessons to last for ten weeks if you run thrice a week (so, thirty). Each week, the training you run during those three times, is the same. The next week, though, the lessons will be a bit harder. While you’re running, Evy either talks to you (tips, motivation) or plays music. The music may be a bit outdated, but I don’t mind.

The most important thing, though, is that this works for me. I get out and try to run thrice a week (though I most of the time only run twice). I like the music, I like how it gets a bit harder every week. It stimulates me.

So, the only thing left for me to do now, is complete the program.


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