Halfway through 40. See at least fifteen movies in the cinema!

2013 isn’t even near finished yet and I have already seen seven movies in the cinema! Count the one from 2012 up to that and I’ve been to eight movies in the cinema in under a year. When I made this goal, I never thought I’d get to eight movies this fast. Now, it’s only seven more to go and I highly doubt that’s going to take me until 2015.

1. Skyfall (21/11/2012)

2. The Hobbit (04/01/2013)

3. Pitch Perfect (08/01/2013)

4. The Hobbit (06/02/2013)

5. Iron Man 3 (07/05/2013)

6. Despicable Me 2 (30/06/2013)

7. Les Beaux Jours (11/07/2013)

8. Now You See Me (31/07/2013)

I also noticed I’ve only posted reviews on the first four movies (counting the Hobbit twice, yes). This means I’ve got some catching up to do and you may look forward to the reviews of the other movies.


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