Review: 1984

1984 by George Orwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Even though I didn’t particularly like the writing style (I’ve fallen asleep a couple of times while reading the book), the idea this book puts out is very scary.

Just thinking of a world where you have virtually nothing of your own and aren’t allowed to have individual thoughts, makes me shiver. Ingsoc, the ministries, the party. All of it is set up in a way to get total power over people and to let no one even have a thought of their own. They’re limiting the vocabulary, they’re checking in on you all the time, they’re setting kids up against their parents. The whole world was just making my neck-hairs stand up.

But as much as the whole world was making me feel uncomfortable, I didn’t really systematise with Winston up until the very end of the book. For most of the book, I just didn’t care about him (or Julia, for that matter). In the beginning, I didn’t even understand why their romance was written and found it very annoying. I only started to feel for Winston when he was captured by the Party. The way they make him change his mind about everything he thought he stood for, it’s very sad.

I don’t know how to feel about this book. I don’t think it’s written very well, but I do think everybody should read it at some point. It’s an eye-opener. I would give them a warning that the book might be pretty hard to get through, but in the end you’ll be glad you kept going. I didn’t give this book four stars for its amazing romance or its fabulous writing, which it obviously hasn’t. I gave this book four stars because I think it should be read, because I think it makes people aware, because I know I’ll be thinking about this book for a while.

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6 thoughts on “Review: 1984

  1. You also should 1Q84 from Haruki Murakami. It is inspired by this novel. I started to read Murakami’s book, but I didn’t yet read the second book. I wanted to read George Orwell’s first, because I haven’t yet :O But I am planning to.

    • I have heard of 1Q84, but I didn’t know it was inspired by 1984 (though maybe the title should have given me a clue). I will definitely check it out, thank you so much for the recommendation.

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