What’s in my bag

Ever since I got the question what my bag looks like in the Liebster Award tag, I’ve been thinking about doing a ‘What’s in my bag’ post. I’m always very curious to what other girls carry around in their bag, especially since I seem to take so much with me and still have less than most girls can pull out of their bags. So, I hereby present to you: to content of my bag. It’s what I take with me on a normal day of university.

An overview! The red background is my bed. It was the best thing I could make do with.


First off, my tablet and eReader. My tablet (I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) I keep in a tablet sleeve, so it doesn’t scratch anywhere. My eReader I also keep in a case.
Next to those things, is my deodorant. I usually don’t use this during the day (except when I really think it’s needed), but I often forget to put on deodorant until I go downstairs. Since I’m too lazy to run back upstairs again, I just use this one I keep in my bag.
On the right, you see some Labello, a small mirror and a packet of tissues.


That black case between the owl and the tissues is my card holder. In there, I keep all my shop-cards and so I don’t often use. They would take up a lot of space in my wallet, so I keep them in here. The owl is the little pocket I keep my camera in, but obviously it’s empty now. I use a simple hand-held camera to take my photos, because I don’t own (or can afford) a more luxe camera. The black-and-white checkered casing is where I keep my pens and pencils. The green patterned thing is my wallet. I love how it’s got a Christmas feel to it.


The booklet with the two years printed on it, is obviously my agenda. In here, I write down my time table for school and all other stuff I need to remember. To the left of my agenda is some school stuff. I take notes in the black notebook and underneath are some handouts.


And the last part! Next to my school stuff, you see a bunch of keys, my iPod (classic 4th gen) and my public transport card.

That was the last bit! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better by the insides of my bag. Now I’m just very curious, what’s inside your bag?


4 thoughts on “What’s in my bag

    • Aah, do this too! I’d love to see what’s in your bag!
      I must admit that it sometimes annoys me that I only have to keys on my key bundle and at least ten other things, but I can’t get rid off anything!

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