18. Go to five different museums


There’s this thing in Amsterdam called Museumnacht (Museumnight). It’s a night when a lot of museums open their doors to public after the normal opening hours. You can visit fifty museums from 19:00 until 02:00 and there’s a lot of after parties to go to after that. My friend and I decided we wanted to go to about five museums. On the website from Museumnacht you could look up some routes to follow and they all had about five or six museums.

At first we had a plan to start at the Stedelijk Museum, but we passed the Van Gogh Museum on the way there and I wanted to go in to see Starry Night (which, as we found out later, is in the Museum of Modern Art in New York). We did, however, see the famous Vase with Twelve Sunflowers and his self-portrait which is also featured on Doctor Who.

The museum had a projector project paintings from Van Gogh on the wall and they moved like they were 3D. It’s hard to explain (typical thing: you had to be there), but it looked so awesome!


This is me in front of ~two merging~ paintings projected on the wall.


Next museum: Stedelijk Museum. The museum we originally wanted to start with, but ended up regretting going. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was more than this. The front looks very cool, but I didn’t ‘get’ most of what was inside. I guess it was a bit too modern for me.


Next up: The Allard Pierson Museum. A museum about the Egyptian and Roman times. I didn’t take any photos here, because we raced through it. My friend and I both studied Latin and Greek and the corresponding cultures when we were still in high school, so we’ve seen enough of those times to almost be bored by them.
The exciting thing about the museum were the ‘Please do touch’ and ‘Chanel no. 2000 before Christ’ and other themes they had put up especially for the Museumnacht. I will make another post about the ‘Chanel no. 2000 before Christ’, because we got ingredients and instructions to make our own perfumes.

Fourth museum: Tassenmuseum Hendrikje (Museum of Bags and Purses). I liked this museum. It’s a bit different from the museums I would usually go to (which would hold paintings and statues and all) and I liked that. You could go through this museum quite quick, it’s not that big. I don’t know how much a visit would usually cost you, but if it’s not that much and you’ve got some spare time, I’d recommend this as a fun thing to do.

I didn’t take a photo of the front of the next museum because it had gotten to dark by that time, but it was Museum Willet-Holthuysen. It’s basically a house from a couple that used to live there long ago and it’s FREAKING HUGE. HUGE I SAY. It’s also really impressive to see what people had in those times and how they lived. I love those kinds of museums, where you just seem to walk into the past.


The last museum we went to, was The Hortus. This belongs to Artis (the zoo) and is a garden. We had realised we wouldn’t see much in the dark, but still wanted to go there. The description on the site from Museumnacht told us there would be zombies and other dangers of the night.


My friend told me this (the roof) looks like the roof from the Sony Centre in Berlin. I’ve been to Berlin and I’ve probably been to the Sony Centre, but I really can’t remember.

The paths were all lit by these red lights. They gave off a pretty creepy vibe, but it looked really nice. The rest of the Hortus wasn’t very interesting. You could go inside to the trees, but outside wasn’t much to see. There was a tent to order beer and some dancers danced (very amateurishly) to Thriller by Michael Jackson while they were dressed as zombies, but it wasn’t much.

And that was the last thing we went to in the Museumnacht! We visited six museums in less than seven hours and we are even allowed to go to an extra museum if we want to (we want to). It was a lot of fun and I would like to go again next year. I think the Museumnacht is a pretty good opportunity to go to some museums you wouldn’t normally go to. The only thing I didn’t go to, but still want to go to, was the (recently re-opened) Rijksmuseum, but I can always go there some other time when it’s less busy.


10 thoughts on “18. Go to five different museums

  1. oeh, het vincent van gogh museum, was het leuk? ik wil er een keer heengaan, ik ben er nog nooit geweest, is het de moeite waard? jammer dat je de sterrennacht niet hebt gezien! ik ben zelf pas naar het rijksmuseum geweest. dat tassenmuseum ziet er ook echt leuk uit! moet je op die museumnacht ook entree betalen of dat niet?

    • Ja, die was mooi! Ik wilde er eigenlijk alleen heen voor de beroemde paar schilderijen, maar ik vind het echt een mooi museum en de moeite waard.
      En balen inderdaad, maar goed. Een keertje naar New York dan maar, haha. Het tassenmuseum is ook heel leuk! Ik weet niet wat de entree normaal is, maar als het niet duur is, sowieso heengaan!
      En nee, je betaalt niet per museum nog entree. Je koopt een kaartje voor de museumnacht van 18 euro en dan mag je gratis met alle GVB vervoer (tot diep in de nacht) en gratis allerlei musea in (en ik mag zelfs nog gratis naar een ander museum tot januari!)

  2. okee mooi zo, dan ga ik er zeker een keer heen! haha ja idd. okee! oh dat is mooi geregeld, dan moet ik dat volgend jaar misschien een keer gaan doen want dat is echt goedkoop! wat leuk, weet je al naar welk museum je gaat? bedankt voor je tips :)

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