Review: Before I Fall

Before I Fall
Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(Warning: contains spoilers)

At the beginning, we meet Sam(antha), a pretty popular teenager in high school. She seems to have it all and then she dies. The book is about the seven times she gets to relive her last day. At the first day, she’s popular and all, but I also really want to slap her and probably wouldn’t have been friends with her in real life. She’s shallow and mean.

As the book progresses, Sam realises who and what she is and tries to do something about the things she did to others. She slowly becomes a better person.

As I started with the book, I wasn’t very impressed. It seemed like a pointless story and I was really annoyed with Sam. But as I got farther into the book and learned more about her, I started to appreciate the book. In a way it’s about second chances and it made me think about my own life and choices I made.

In the end, Sam still dies, but she’s changed her life in so many ways that she seems to be at peace with it. It made me a bit sad that she still had to die, but any other outcome wouldn’t have been logic and would’ve changed the value the book holds to me.

I ended up really liking the book. It’s written quite easily and I got through it in a couple of hours, but it’s written nicely. The book is written with a very clear overview on what’s happening and I liked the fact that small details were revealed in every chapter. Those details help you understand the story better.

Ultimately, I gave this book four stars and would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to have a good read and an interesting subject that would provide well for a night with deep conversations with slightly tipsy friends. Because a night like that might just be what you need to shake the feeling this book will leave you with.

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