4. Stretch my ears to 6mm

About two years ago I met a boy who had his ears stretched to 14 mm on both sides. I really liked the way it looked and decided to look up more images and info. Slowly I got into the idea of stretching my own ears, but I didn’t want to go as large as he had. I wanted to go to about 6 mm on each ear, so they might grow back to normal size if I ever wanted that.

So, two years ago, I started stretching my ears and now I am at 6 mm. It took me two years because I am a lazy person and sometimes forgot I was stretching my ears or bought new material when I was ready to go up a size and then had to wait a month for it to arrive. But going slow while stretching is absolutely not a bad thing (it’s more likely to be a good thing) and I eventually reached my goal a few days ago.

2013-12-14 21.12.09

I have already bought myself some other pretty earrings (is that what you call them? I am so bad with jargon) to wear once my ears are healed well enough to handle them. I particularly like the owls!

If you’re also inspired to stretch your ears, please look up information and proper methods first. Don’t rush stretching your ears, because this can lead to serious damage. Please take precaution when stretching your ears. Good luck!


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