December movie month: The Holiday

December is THE month when it’s coming to movies. A lot of new movies have come out or are coming out soon. But sometimes you don’t want to go out and watch a movie. Sometimes you just want to stay inside, get a blanket and curl up on the couch watching a good (or not so good, if you’re in the mood) movie while stuffing yourself with crisps or popcorn.

The Holiday is a movie with but not limited to Jude Law (fine, and also Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Cameron Diaz). It’s about two women who aren’t very lucky in love and are in need of a change. They decide to switch house for the holiday (conveniently they live on other sides of the world), not realising their problems would mostly just come with them.

It’s a romantic comedy and even though it’s a few years old already, The Holiday is still one of my favourite movies to watch when it’s cold outside. I love the stories, I really like Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz as main characters (especially Kate Winslet, since her character is so easy to understand). The movie doesn’t address any heavy problems, but it is very easy to relate to and just fun to watch (though your boyfriend might think it’s a typical girl movie, so be warned).


One thought on “December movie month: The Holiday

  1. I don’t really like romantic comedies, but this movie was really good. I am not so much a diaz fan, but I love kate winslet and jude law <3 and jack black was so funny and charming in that movie :3 It really is a cute movie!

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