Review: The Infernal Devices

Clockwork Angel

The Infernal Devices is a series written by Cassandra Clare, who also wrote The Mortal Instruments series. The series consist of Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess. The Infernal Devices series takes places about a century and a half before The Mortal Instruments and evolves around the same Shadowhunters world.

The main character in the series is Tessa Gray. The story starts when she moves from New York to London to follow her brother who made the trip earlier. Much to her surprise, she’s not greeted by her brother when she arrives, but she’s kidnapped by The Dark Sisters, who reveal to her that she isn’t human at all and force her to use powers she didn’t even know she had.

Clockwork Prince

Luckily, she’s (quite by accident) rescued by Will Herondale, who takes her to the Institute and that’s when the real story starts. She gets involved in the Shadowhunters world and learns about the existence of demons, warlocks, vampires and other supernatural beings. She also discovers she’s something different and that someone is after her, someone who wants to use her as a weapon. And as the cherry on top of the cake, she also falls in love.

And that’s what kind of ruins the story for me. I like the Shadowhunters world and I am patiently waiting for the last part of The Mortal Instruments to be released, but I am sick of all the love triangles that every book released nowadays seems to have. I was very intrigued to find out what Tessa was and how she came by her powers, but I couldn’t care less about the love triangle between her, Will and Jem. I am happy with the way the series ended, but it all could’ve been skipped and I would be just as happy. I was more interested to read about Magnus Bane and The Infernal Devices.

Clockwork Princess

I admit that a huge part of the series isn’t about the love triangle and is about The Infernal Devices or about other things, but still. It could have been left out and then we’d have a marvellous series about the Shadowhunters world and how someone comes really close to destroying it. I really like Will and Jem and while reading the series, I’ve grown fond of them, but they should just have been parabatai and friends without Tessa wedged in between them.

So that’s why I’ve decided to rate the series three stars (though Clockwork Princess individually is rated four stars). As I said, I really did like the Shadowhunters world and the whole drama around The Infernal Devices. I liked reading more about the families we’ve met in The Mortal Instruments series and I especially liked reading more about Magnus Bane. But the whole love triangle should have been left out.


6 thoughts on “Review: The Infernal Devices

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  2. Oh this seems like one of those series that SOUNDS super super cool, and then just disappoints you. (which happened when I read the City of Bones). But this sounds better, so I might give it a try :D

    • Have you also read The Mortal Instruments series (yes probably, since almost everybody has read them)? I really liked reading more about the Shaduwhunters world.

      And ahh, I cried during Clockwork Princess. So be prepared!

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