Tools (#1)

2014-01-05 22.30.43

Yesterday my friend and I were walking around Amsterdam when we decided to pay Hema a visit. Hema is a Dutch story which sells a lot of different things (like food, clothes, craft supplies, office supplies and much more). When inside, I saw these adorable stamps and a photo album, which I had to buy.

I absolutely love them and I have a feeling I will be using my stamps a lot for my 2014-book. I also want to take a lot of photos this year. I started that resolution last year and got going pretty good, so I want to continue that and then fill up the photo album with photos from this year.

But first I really want to show you what I’ve bought. It’s all from Hema and you could even order the stuff online (if you live in the Netherlands. I don’t know if they send abroad) if there’s no Hema near you or if they don’t have something in stock.

2014-01-05 21.49.42

Two black ink pads to go with my stamps.

2014-01-05 21.50.00

These remind me so much of actual office items, but they’re not suitable for business occasions…

2014-01-05 21.50.10

…since they stamp this.

2014-01-05 22.19.26

It is very adorable.

2014-01-05 21.50.23

This is a rotating stamp with twelve different designs.

2014-01-05 21.50.31

The designs more in detail.

2014-01-05 21.50.43

Stamps! I especially like the name tag, because that’s one I can actually use a lot.

2014-01-05 21.50.55

I’ve already used the Hello stamp on both my 2014-book and photo album.

2014-01-05 22.16.51

All four of the stamps. They cost €2,50 per packet of two.

2014-01-05 21.55.28

I couldn’t resist. I love owls (some might say I’ve got an addiction), so I had to buy this card. It’s already neatly glued in my 2014-book.

2014-01-05 21.55.14

The receipt from all the things listed above. Everything except for the owl card cost €2.50.

2014-01-06 14.40.36

Today, I went back to Hema again. I wanted the Alphabet stamps which I’d seen online, but they were out of stock. Sadly, they’re also out of stock online, so I’m waiting for those to be available online. These, however, they did have. I wanted the tag card, but I also like the Air mail. (I also accidentally ripped open the package before I had taken a photo).

2014-01-06 14.41.05

They are so pretty.

2014-01-06 14.41.30

And lastly, I bought this photo album to fill with pictures from 2014. I’ve got a goal about filling the photo albums my friends gave me, but that one’s already filled. I like photo album and the memories that come with them, so I want to continue making photo albums.

2014-01-06 14.42.41

The blank front, which I’ve stamped by now.

2014-01-06 14.43.02

The receipt for the things listed above. The photo album was the most expensive and it better be worth it.

2014-01-06 15.06.50

The box in which I keep everything.

2014-01-06 15.07.10

Neatly stored!

So these are my stamping tools and photo album I’ve bought. I am really going to get me those alphabet stamps too, I like them a lot. But as you can see from the title, this is only part one. I’m also going to make a part two in which I will show you all my pencils and paint supplies. It’s not meant as showing off. I like watching what other people have and use, so I might get inspiration from their tools. Maybe you get inspired too and that would be lovely. I would really like what kind of tools other people use and what they make with them.


2 thoughts on “Tools (#1)

    • Jaa, ik vind ze ook echt heel leuk! Mijn moeder heeft inmiddels ook de alfabet stempels voor me gevonden, die kon ik hier niet vinden. Zo gauw ik die heb ga ik echt diehard met de spullen aan de slag, haha.

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