Homemade onesie.

2014-01-09 20.23.12

Onesies are slowly taking over the world (or at least, the Netherlands), but since I didn’t like the way my store bought onesie fits me, I’ve decided to make my own. My mother went to the story to buy me some fabric and she returned with some cow-patterned fabric, which was meant as a joke, but I love it. So I looked up some tutorials on Youtube and made my own onesie. I am not going to share my patterns, since I made them especially for my measurements. I only used some tutorials from Youtube (just search for things like ‘how to make a onesie’) and made my patterns accordingly.

2013-12-25 14.58.59

Progress! The arms and hoodie are done.

2013-12-25 17.24.27

The legs still need to be cut a bit shorter and I still have to sew my hoodie on, but it’s pretty much done.

2014-01-09 20.22.59

My whole onesie, done!

2014-01-09 20.23.12

Zoomed in on the upper body parts.

2014-01-09 20.25.05

This photo and the one down below I made with the front facing camera on my phone, so the quality’s a bit rubbish. But this is how it looks when I’m wearing it. The crotch is somewhere done by my knees and it’s very wide, but I made it to be that way.

2014-01-09 20.25.40

The hoodie’s only halfway up this way. In reality, it reaches almost down to my chin.

I’m actually very proud of and satisfied with my onesie. I love the way it fits and people almost don’t believe it when I say I made it myself. My mother’s also proud of me, since she’s the one who’s always sewing clothes in her free time. She’s really happy I’m following her footsteps.


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