Food related goals

I’ve got a few food related goals in which I forbid myself from eating or drinking a specific kind of food. The four goals that are like that, are:

52. Eat vegetarian for a week
53. No fast food for a month
54. Give up chocolate for one month
55. Stop drinking soda for a month

Now am I a bit of a cheat and I’ve decided to pick Februari to complete three of these four goals (the monthly goals). February is nice and short, so I’ve got a bigger chance I’ll succeed.

Fast food I don’t find hard to give up on, since I hardly eat fast food nowadays anyway. Chocolate.. might be a bit tough, might get tempted a few times.. But I think I can manage. The one thing that’s going to be hard for me to give up is soda (like Coca Cola, Sprite, etc). I don’t regularly buy it for myself, but it’s something I always drink when I’m at my parents’. Since I do regularly go home, I just have to have enough willpower to say ‘no’ to soda when I’m there.

I am very curious to see how I will hold up. To make sure I won’t cheat (or go unpunished if I do), I’ve made some rules:
For every time I cheat on any of these goals, I have to put €5 in my piggy bank.
This might not seem like a big punishment, but I don’t have any money most of the time. So, donating €5 to my piggy bank is a bit of a big deal for me (also it’s win-win because I don’t actually lose the money).


Little edit on February 4th: because I’ve failed four of the days already (yes all the days I fail so hard I’m sorry), I’ve also made the rule that for every day I fail, I have to continue a day in March. So I now have to go on with theses challenges up until March 4th.

Do you guys sometimes go without certain food for a while? If so, what did you give up on and have you started eating it again?


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