101. Send ten postcards through PostCrossing

2014-02-03 15.31.02

The very last goal on my list is 101. Send ten postcards through PostCrossing. A few years ago, I was pretty active with PostCrossing, but lately I haven’t send any postcards and I want to change that.

What is PostCrossing, though, you ask.
Well, PostCrossing is a website through with you can send random strangers from all around the world a postcard. PostCrossing gives you an address and you just have to send a postcard. Normally, the person who you’re sending to also provided some information about what you could write on the postcard and what kind of postcard they’d appreciate. You need to write a code on the postcard so they can register it and then you just have to mail it. It’s that easy.

2014-02-02 22.47.05

I like PostCrossing, because I really like getting postcards from people all around the world. I’ve gotten cards from Brazil, Belarus and Taiwan, just for example. I think most people participate in PostCrossing because of the cards you receive. I also like to send the cards and write a little for the person getting the card, but receiving is the really fun part.

The only thing holding me back from sending lots and lots of cards is the price of stamps. I don’t know about other countries, but I think stamps are ridiculously expensive. I pay €5,25 for five stamps and I also have to buy the postcards themselves. I don’t mind buying the postcards and putting some effort in them, but the stamps are a bit ..meh.

2014-02-02 22.47.15

Luckily, I can afford some stamps once in a while, so I’ve bought some stamps and yesterday, I’ve send three postcards. I send one to China, one to Ukrain and one to Belarus. For now, I’ll wait until I receive some postcards back and then I’ll send more.

Do you use PostCrossing or is this the first time you’ve heard of it? If you’ve used PostCrossing before, what’s the furthest you had to send a postcard? And if you’ve never heard of it before, are you going to take part?

2014-02-02 22.46.54


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