Book Haul (#2)

2014-02-08 16.17.30

I might have gone a bit crazy. Over the last few weeks, I’ve ordered quite some books and this is the first batch I want to show you. All these books you see above, I’ve bought from AwesomeBooks.  I had ordered there before and was content enough to order again. This time, the books were a bit more damaged than the last time and after I send in a complaint about some of the books, I got 50% of my money back.

2014-02-08 16.19.17

The first book I want to show you, is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book and really wanted to read this. This book is the least damaged, as the only things are the little folds at the bottom of the cover. I obviously didn’t complain about this book.

2014-02-08 16.19.04

The second book is 127 Hours; Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston. I’ve heard about the movie that’s based on this book, but didn’t know there was a book until I stumbled upon it when I was browsing GoodReads. This book is pretty damaged (especially the cover, as you can see). I don’t mind second-hand books, but I do mind these damages when the site has set terms for the quality of the books.

2014-02-08 16.18.24

The third book is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Every time I read his name, I think of Flynn Rider from Tangled. I haven’t heard a lot about this book, but somehow I seem to recall that it was recommended to me. I don’t know. Anyhow, this book also isn’t the best quality. The front feels like it’s suffered from water damaged and is not in a great condition. Still, it’s doable.

2014-02-08 16.18.47

And lastly, I ordered Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. Again, the front is damaged but that’s about it. This book I ordered because I read about it and it seemed interesting. I don’t recall what the book is about any more, but I do remember I really wanted to read this book.

I ordered some more books from AwesomeBooks and they will be in another review. I don’t know if I will continue to buy a lot of books from them. I don’t mind second-hand books, but I realise now that I do prefer new books. Also, AwesomeBooks never had any shipping costs when you ordered more than one book (which is what I do), but now they’ve added a shipping fee of about three Euro for any order (no matter the size). I don’t know yet if I’ll order from them again if the shipping costs are a much as one book costs me. Have you ordered any books lately and if so, which books?


3 thoughts on “Book Haul (#2)

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  2. I love Murakami, though I’m not such a big fan of the way he writes about sex. Awesome you bought Norwegian Wood though, it’s an amazing story. If you like it, you should read “Kafka on the shore” by him.

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