30 Day Challenge (#2)

30 day challenge sit up

It’s been thirty days since the beginning of my 30 day challenge, so it’s done!
(No, it’s not. I failed. Big time.)

I have to admit that, even though my thirty days are over, I didn’t complete any of the challenges. I did really well up until day eight (yes. such wow.) and after that it went downhill.

The 30 day challenge involving the crunches I gave up on. I think my technique wasn’t right or something, but my back really hurt after a few days and I did not want to force anything.
The 30 day challenges involving the sit-ups, leg raises and squats actually went okay. I really felt my sit-ups improving (like how in the beginning I couldn’t keep my hands behind my head and after two weeks, I could do twenty of them in a row without getting tired). I just didn’t do them anymore because I am lazy and couldn’t get myself to do them every day.
The planks went horribly. I tried them every day, but I just couldn’t get past 45 second in the first two weeks (and I had to be on 1m and 45s by then).

Even though I continued the sit-ups for a while (I quit them a week after I quit everything else!), I eventually didn’t do them either. I do still have the challenges hanging on my wall and I won’t take them off until I’ve done everything. This means I have to pick the challenges up again and start working out again, so everytime I look at them, I get reminded (it helps!).

So. Ignoring the huge failure my challenges were, did you do any challenges and how did it go? Did you complete them or are you more like me?


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