Recipe: Home made Chips

2014-02-15 18.19.31Don’t they look delicious? (no. no they don’t.)

Alright, I realise chips aren’t healthy at all and I shouldn’t be eating them, but as long as I can convince myself home made chips aren’t as bad as store-bought ones, I’m fine.

This also isn’t really a recipe, since it’s so easy and you’ll only need a few things. First off, you need something to fry your chips in. I’ve got a (very, very small) deep-fryer, so that’s what I used. You’ll also need a peeler (or, if you don’t have one, make sure you can cut your vegetables in very thin slices or use a mandoline if you own one). Make sure you’ve got some paper towel nearby and a plate to put your chips on. And lastly, you’ll need your favourite vegetables. Honestly, I don’t know which one you can or can’t use. Obviously, potato is fine (also sweet potato or any kind of potato). It’s just a process of trial and error to find out what else might work.

I used mostly sweet potato and some other vegetables that came in a bag my mother gave to me. I don’t even know the Dutch names of the other vegetables I used, so obviously, I can’t tell you which vegetables they were. If you do want to know what other vegetables you could use, you could check out this video by SortedFood, since they inspired me to make my own chips anyway.

2014-02-15 18.19.18

The thing you’ll need to do is slice or cut your vegetables into really thin slices. Like I said, using a peeler or a mandoline is easiest, though I also cut some vegetables with a knife and they turned out just fine. Meanwhile, heat your fryer (or pan with oil) up to 16o°C. Remember to always be careful when handling hot oil.

Depending on the size of your fryer, you can now put in small or larger amounts of your sliced vegetables. I do recommend to only fry one sort at the time, because not all vegetables might need the same time to fry. Depending on the size and thickness of the sliced vegetables, fry them for about four minutes. Take them out when they’re crispy and brown (but not burnt, obviously). Immediately season them with a little bit of salt and any other spices/herbs you might like and let them drain on a piece of paper towel.

And that’s it. Your home made chips are done and they taste delicious (though they might not look very appealing). Just remember that it’s a snack and don’t make them too often.


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