77.Go on a vacation to a foreign country


Street sign proving I’ve been to Newcastle

A couple of months ago, my friend and I were talking about our lives and the future and all when we discussed going on vacation. Neither of us really had any plans in the near future and we decided that, if we didn’t have to retake a test in the first week of April, we’d go on vacation then. We also figured out that we’d want to go on a mini cruise to Newcastle.

Soon enough, we heard we both passed our exams and so we could go on vacation! We found a cheap deal for a mini cruise and booked our cabin. And thus, March 31st, we went on a cruise ship to go to Newcastle for a day! We sailed by night, so we’d arrive in the early morning. Upon our arrival in the UK, we were taken to Newcastle by buses. We were allowed to spend the whole day in the city as long as we made it back to the buses by four o’clock.

2014-03-31 16.16.07

Looking down from high on the ship

At first I was a bit afraid that just one day wouldn’t be enough, but as it turns out, Newcastle isn’t really that big. It was just fine to have one day to look around and shop a bit. I especially liked the looking around bit, because Newcastle is a beautiful city! A lot of streets seems to swirl around each other and it is just so pretty. I am not used to uneven ground, so it was really something to see a city with so much hilly streets.

Ofcourse, my friend and I had to eat some English food. She ordered a meat pie and I a quiche for lunch. I like English food, though I was happy with the Dutch food I ate when we were back in The Netherlands. I like to believe we eat a bit healthier (though probably not, considering we have snackbars).

2014-04-01 15.12.24

Quiche and meat pie for lunch!

We didn’t do much sightseeing, but we did visit a church right after the bus dropped us off. It was St. John the Baptist Church and an elderly man who worked there, gave us a free tour. He told us about the history of the church and about hermits who used to live inside the walls of the church. It was really interesting and very nice of him to show us around.


St. John the Baptist Church

After we’d been to the church, we went shopping. We walked down Grainger street and Northumberland street. We also went into Eldon Square (shopping centre) and somehow stumbled upon a sort of market with places to eat. Sadly, though, we couldn’t pay by card there and we eventually wound up eating a Wilko’s. While walking around, we also saw Grey’s Monument and the Church of St. Thomas the Martyr.


The beautiful Church of St. Thomas the Martyr

Soon after we’d eaten at Wilko’s, it was time to head back. I like to collect mugs from cities I’ve been and so I also wanted one from Newcastle. But holy hell, those things are hard to find. Newcastle doesn’t seem to have any tourist shops and it wasn’t until we were back at the Station that we eventually found a tourist shop. Luckily, the shop had some Newcastle mugs, so I got my precious souvenir. After that, we also went by Sainsbury’s for some last minute shopping (mostly food and booze for on the ship) and got back on the bus. The next day, we’d arrived safely back in The Netherlands.

2014-03-31 20.57.58

Most popular drink on the trip. I’ve come to love it.

I had a lot of fun going on vacation. Newcastle is small enough to see in one day and the ship is just fine (though extremely overpriced). I loved being away for a couple of days and I’d do it again any time.


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