2014-05-08 14.27.46

The Stedelijk Museum of Zwolle. The building really stands out, though I don’t know if it’s for the best.

Ahh, Overijssel. It’s one of those counties that has absolutely nothing worth visiting. But it is a county and I still have to visit, so Thursday, a friend and I went to Zwolle. It’s one of the few larger places in Overijssel and when I asked around, people told me it was a nice little city (and quite pretty actually).

Well, with that in our minds, we went to Zwolle. The thing is, it had been beautiful weather all week and I had been really looking forward to visiting the city. And guess what? The weather Thursday was incredibly shitty. It rained and it was cloudy and meh.

2014-05-08 15.28.23

The church-turned-bookshop from the outside.

Nevertheless, we still went to Zwolle, but it wasn’t as great as it could have been. I could still see that it was a pretty city and some façades still had some old paintings on them. Though we kind of rushed through the city, we did find an old church (I think) that was transformed into a bookshop. I didn’t buy any books, but I could definitely appreciate the shop.

2014-05-08 15.23.58

And the inside of the church-turned-bookshop. Pretty impressive, though the photo I took is a bit blurry.

After the bookshop, we went to climb the tower De Peperbus. That was pretty much the only thing I had looked up beforehand and specifically wanted to do. De Peperbus is part of the Onze Lieve Vrouwen church, but we didn’t even enter the church.
We climbed up all 236 steps (55 metres) to get to the top. The view was okay, but the rain kind of dulled the experience. Still, it was fun to look out over Zwolle and see the book shop and the Stedelijk Museum (which we didn’t visit, but is a very recognisable building).

After getting down from De Peperbus, we decided to go back home. It wasn’t likely to stop raining and we were just done. Still, we did spend a few hours in Zwolle and I got a nice impression of the city. I wouldn’t mind going to Zwolle again when the weather is better.


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