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Almere Station

I don’t think high of Flevoland. It’s the newest county in The Netherlands and it’s doesn’t really offer anything I find interesting. I like to read about history or walk around in a city knowing it existed in the Middle Ages. None of the cities in Flevoland can offer anything like that. And to make matters even worse, friends who’ve actually lived in Flevoland (or in this case, Almere) also think it’s shit.

Nonetheless, I still went to visit Almere last week. A friend and I had a lot of time to kill and Almere does have a Primark, so we went shopping. I got to walk around in Almere a bit and though I still think it’s shit, I will admit it’s okay for shopping.

2014-05-09 12.05.23

First off, there’s this huge Primark right outside Almere Central Station. It’s literary the first thing you see when you walk out. Obviously, since we were here to shop, we went inside. I was a bit disappointed since I didn’t exactly find what I was looking for, but I still managed to get my hands on some nice clothes.

2014-05-09 13.16.40

After Primark, we just walked around the shopping area. It looked very new (it is), though somehow it’s constructed in a way that’s allowing the wind to freely blow around. Seriously, I almost fell over at one point. Luckily, some construction sites showed that it is a known problem and the city is trying to do something about it.

2014-05-09 13.16.44

The shopping area might have been new and windy, but it is also pretty in a way. It looks very modern and spacious and while I like history and old buildings better, I can also appreciate this look.

2014-05-09 13.18.06

And one thing in particular I could appreciate: free beer  (though it was 0%, so no alcohol). I really like Radler beer, but I do have to admit I like the Amstel one better than this one.

And that’s it! That was my trip to Almere. It was a bit of a surprise trip, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. My impression of Almere hasn’t changed, I still don’t think much of it, but at least now I’ve actually been there.


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