I got my hair cut

2014-06-07 18.31.42
I tried to find a photo which showed off all of  my long hair, but I realised I don’t have any. Most of the time, I would wear my hair in a bun of in a braid and I almost never let it down. I didn’t like wearing it down, I didn’t like the way it looked nor felt.
So yesterday, I got my hair cut. It wasn’t a rushed decision, I had put some thought into it. It felt really weird once it was off, because suddenly my head had lost quite a bit of weight.

The hair that got cut off, I donated. I had it braided in two braids before they got cut and today, I donated them to charity. I had to search for a charity that would accept dyed hair, but luckily I found one that did. So they got sent these braids:

2014-06-07 14.46.12
While yesterday I got my hair cut, today I dyed it again. I didn’t want to do that before I got it cut, because that would be a waste of dye and also my hair looked a bit more natural before I dyed it again.

2014-06-08 16.33.55

And this is what I look like now! Short and red hair, aww yiss. It’s a pretty big change compared to how I looked before, but I think I like it. And it definitely is very handy in summer. No hassle with long hair that won’t dry or will only get tangled.

Have you ever cut a big part of your hair off? Did you like it, or were you filled with regret? Please let me know so we can share stories!



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