St. Paul’s Cathedral!

This summer, my family and I went to London for a midweek because my parents celebrated their 35 years long marriage. They wanted to celebrate by going somewhere, like we had when we went to Berlin for their 30th anniversary. We ended up picking London because I heavily pushed them to pick it and my mother had actually never been there and wanted to go. So, from August 4th up until August 8th, we (my parents, brothers and I) were roaming the streets of London.


There’s loads of squirrels in St. James’ Park.

Monday, the day we arrived (and also the day my father entered a plane for the very first time in his almost sixty years of life), we were mostly busy getting to the hotel and explored a bit of the neighbourhood. We stayed at Premier Inn Hammersmith and I can definitely recommend the Premier Inn hotels. Excellent service and oh my god, the best breakfast I’ve ever had in a hotel. It was really close to Ravenscourt Park station, though the first time we got there, we got off at Hammersmith and walked through King St., which turned out to be a lovely street with loads of shops I wanted to check out later.


Big Ben!

The second day was our touristy day and we set off to see the attractions like the Big Ben, London Eye and things like that. We walked through St. James’ park for a bit (which is where I met the squirrel on the photo above. Isn’t he just the cutest?). After that, we went to see the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, House of Parliament and of course, the London Eye.


I am not even sorry for being the ultimate tourist.

While enjoying the view of the Big Ben and the London Eye on the other side of the Thames, I took several weird and quirky pictures of my brothers, both of whom I am fairly sure wouldn’t appreciate them being posted on here though.


London Eye!

And the London Eye! Even though this was the second time I went to London (I also went with some friends after we graduated high school), I’ve still never been on a ride. It’s just ridiculously expensive and even more so when you’re with five people.


St. Paul’s Cathedral is so pretty.

Wednesday my mom and I went to the Harry Potter studios, but since I’ve taken way too many photos to include them in this post, I will write a separate post about the Studios themselves. It was a great experience and very impressive to see all of the work that has been put in the movies.


Still very pretty cathedral.

Thursday was a bit of an off day. Not because we didn’t enjoy ourselves, but by then we’d thought we’d pretty much seen all the obvious tourist attractions on tuesday. My mom and I had already been to Oxford St. and honestly, we just didn’t really know what to do until my father suggested we’d visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, so that’s what we did. We even did the audio tour, though there was a bit too much ‘we hope you find God on this tour’ for my liking, so my brothers and I quickly dropped those and just started wandering on our own. We also decided to climb the top. 


London Eye and bits and pieces of various bridges.

The view from the upper part of St. Paul’s (there’s three floors you can climb up to) was pretty great! You could see all the landmarks and it was really pretty weather, which was nice.


Millenium Bridge, as seen from St. Paul’s.

I also shot a picture of the Millenium Bridge, which we crossed the Thames over later on, to reach the South bank and walk by Shakespeare’s Oval Theatre. The Theatre I hadn’t seen on my previous trip to London and was quite a bit smaller than I’d expected it too. It was also very crowded and I didn’t bother with trying to get closer.


Shakespeare’s Oval Theatre

After walking past the Oval Theatre, we reached The Monument. My brother really wanted to climb to the top, but seeing as none of the rest wanted to experience the climb from St. Paul’s earlier on the day again, he eventually decided against it.


The Monument.

And since we had to travel back to The Netherlands on Friday, we didn’t really do anything then. Bought some more souvenirs (tea) and spent some time on King St. and walked quickly (very quickly) through the National History Museum before we had to head back to the airport again.

I had a lot of fun on this week in London. It was bit scary, because I had booked the plane and the hotel and thus was a bit scared not all of it might work out or that I’d accidental had done something wrong during the booking, but I hadn’t. As I mentioned earlier, we stayed near Ravenscourt Park station and that was absolutely fine. We were in central London within twenty minutes and the tube maps are really clear and obvious. London’s definitely an easy city to visit if you want to get out for a couple of days. The touristy things shouldn’t take you more than a week (the really really touristy things, though. We didn’t visit Camden Market or anything, so that’s still on my bucket list).
I will come back to London some day, but for now, this was a really nice vacation with my family and I am happy we went.


2 thoughts on “London!

  1. Leuke post! Ben zelf ook (al twee keer :o) naar de studio’s geweest. Zit er ook aan te denken om er een post over te schrijven. Ben benieuwd naar de jouwe!

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