London Haul


Time to show off!
No, kidding, but I would like to show you some things that I’ve bought while in London. Most of these I bought while in the Harry Potter studios and some things I bought on the streets. I like collecting mugs and key chains from cities and countries I visit, so I had to get myself some of those.



The first things I want to show are the things I bought at the Studios. I’ve had my eye on these three books for a while and now I’ve finally got them. They are ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’ and ‘Quidditch through the Ages’. The are side-books to the Harry Potter series; related to the series, but not about our three heroes.


Obviously, I also had to buy some Every Flavour Beans (or, as I know them: Smekkies in alle smaken) and a Chocolate Frog.


The Beans come with a leaflet on which you can find the flavours and let me tell you, some of them are really really nasty. One has vomit flavour and since I’m not a pussy, I had to try that one. It didn’t really taste like vomit (or at least, not like my vomit), but it was freaking nasty and I spit it out. Thankfully, there’s also some beans with cherry of strawberry flavour.


Sadly, the Chocolate Frog didn’t jump anywhere, but it tasted good anyways. I also got a card with a wizard or witch on it: my card has Albus Dumbledore on it. It’s a 3D card and I couldn’t really catch the card right to show off Dumbledore, so I don’t have a photo of him.


I also bought a collection of four little notebooks, each of them representing one of the houses. Since I’ve taken the Pottermore test twice (once Hufflepuff and once Ravenclaw), I didn’t really know which house I belong to. A few days ago, I took another elaborate test and that one sorted me in Ravenclaw, so I like to think I’m officially Ravenclaw now.


The mug I bought when I wanted to try the Butterbeer. Empty this time, obviously. It’s small, but I like it.


Probably the thing I treasure most. My Marauder’s Map mug. It’s huge and pretty and I am really happy with it. My only fear is that I’ll drop it though, as it would be a pain in the arse trying to get myself a new one (since I can’t just casually visit the Studios anytime).

So, so pretty. I loved that they had mugs which hadn’t had anything to do with the houses. They also had a Deatheater mug, but nah.


In the Primark on Oxford St., I found some shirts I had been looking for. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Ravenclaw one, but I found this nice Gryffindor one, which’ll have to do.


I also found this Hufflepuff one, which I like a bit less than the Gryffindor one. Yellow doesn’t really suit me, but since I wanted the shirt anyway, I’ve decided it’ll just be another shirt to sleep in.

I present, the mug and key chain I collected while in London.


I also couldn’t leave London without any tea, so I got myself some. I love tea, though I’m pretty sure I don’t actually like my tea as strong as Englishmen supposedly drink theirs.


A lovely little notebook in which I’ll probably never write a letter out of fear of ruining the whole thing.


And postcards! Obviously, I’ve got some double, but I don’t mind. I like to stick them in scrapbooks or on my wall, as a reminder of the time I had when away.

That’s it! That’s all the fun stuff I bought when in London. I am a pretty typical UK fangirl, any red buses or telephone booths are enough to make my heart beat faster. I am pretty content with the stuff I’ve bought, though I definitely wouldn’t mind going back and getting even more.


4 thoughts on “London Haul

  1. Je hebt echt hele leuke spullen gekocht! Ik ben echt jaloers op al je harry potter aankopen. Ik ben ook bij de studio tour geweest (zelfs twee keer, een keer met mijn broertje en een jaar later nog met mijn beste vriendinnetje), en ik zou er zo nog een keer heen gaan. Vond het daar echt geweldig!

    • Dankjewel! Ik heb me alsnog echt in moeten houden, haha. Ik heb met nog heel veel meer spullen in mijn handen gestaan, maar ik heb helaas geen oneindig geld. Ik zou ook wel nog een keer heen willen, maar dan wel pas over een aantal jaar, want nu zit alles nog te vers in mijn geheugen.

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