78. Spend a day at the beach

2014-08-27 12.02.31

Even though the Netherlands might seem to consist only of coastline to some (foreign) people, it still probably has been over five years since I spent a whole day at the beach. I used to spend days at the beach all the time when I was younger, but somehow it got less and less until I hardly see the beach at all these days.

So, to reminisce about the earlier days and to just have a relaxing day off, a friend and I decided to go to the beach a few weeks ago. The weather hadn’t necessarily been that great, but we chose a perfect day for our little adventure, because it turned out to be the sunniest and warmest day of the week.

2014-08-27 12.08.49

We decided to go to Egmond aan Zee, a very small town at the edge of the Netherlands. Turns out Egmond aan Zee isn’t that easily accessible by public transport, something we definitely should have looked into beforehand. Eventually, we managed to get our feet in the sand and sat ourselves down. The weather, as I said, was really nice, but the water was still very cold and I didn’t go in any deeper than my thighs. We still spend the day at the beach, sunbathing (sunburning), reading and listening to music. It was very relaxing and definitely something to repeat sometime next summer.

And with the help of one very nice day, that’s another goal ticked off!


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