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Texel is one of the Netherlands’ five Waddeneilanden (Wadden Islands, Wadden Sea Island or Frisian Islands in English). It is the first one from the right, between the mainland and Vlieland. It is also the Waddeneiland I visited this summer and I wanted to tell you about that.

I’ve been to the Waddeneilanden lots of times on holiday when I was younger. My parents own a sail boat and we often went to the Waddeneilanden (be it the Dutch or the German islands). The last time I went to one of the islands, though, was with a school excursion in 2010. Seeing as that is four years ago, a trip to the Waddeneilanden was long overdue.

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My friends and I went for two days, from Monday until Wednesday. Not very long, but long enough to have some fun and take a look around on the island. We hung out on the beach a few times (I love walking through ankle-deep water or see how far I can go until my shorts almost get wet), but it was too cold to go for a swim. We also walked through the village we stayed in, De Koog. It was very small, but with a centre full of souvenir shops and restaurants.

The second day we decided to go to Ecomare, a centre for the Waddensea and North sea. It’s open to public, but it’s also got a section where they take care of stranded seals and make sure they get back to the sea once nursed back to health. That section obviously is more obscured, though you are able to look at baby seals in quarantine through glass. Ecomare is definitely worth a visit if you ever decide to go to Texel.
After Ecomare, we took the bus to Den Burg, but were fairly disappointed by the village, so it didn’t take us long to get back to De Koog.

Cute baby seals!

The last day we didn’t go anywhere besides the beach and hang around the hotel playing games before we took the ferry back to the mainland.

I enjoyed my stay on Texel and would definitely go again, though never much longer than two nights. I don’t think I could entertain myself on Texel for more than a week, but it is worth going at least once. Though, fair warning, it’s known to be the one of the duller/quieter islands. If you’re young and want to go all out, you’d probably be better off on Terschelling.


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