How to ‘To do’


This post will probably not be as exhilarating as my last posts, but bear with me.

Sometimes, I’m a bit of a scatterbrain. I have to think of a million things at once, but when I actually get around to doing them, I’ve forgotten half of them. I have had many times that I remembered having to do something, so I walked downstairs, but once I’d gotten there, I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I was going to do. Bit like when you’re playing the Sims and cancel an action. I’m quite sure more people experience this, but I’m not so sure they experience it as often as I do.


So, I knew I had to do something about it. I couldn’t go on forgetting half the things I had to do. I bought a little notebook and started writing all the things I had to do in it. Doing laundry? Write it down. Buying a certain kind of product? Write it down. Having to do something for school? Write it down.

For a while, this worked perfectly, but I could get a bit lost in all the things I had to do. So, when the first notebook was full, I decided to continue in a different notebook and in a different way.


And this is what I would like to show you. I use this new notebook to write down things I have to do the next day. Every evening, I sit down and write it all in my little notebook. This way, when I wake up the next morning, I’ve got a neat little list full of activities. When I’ve completed an activity, I fill up the little square in front of it. Then, at the end of the day, I’ve got a perfect overview of the things I’ve done (filled squares) and the things I still have to do (open squares).

DSC_6463For me, this is a great little system to get things done. I don’t have to remember a million things at once and filling up the squares once a chore is done, is actually quite a nice feeling. I realise I’m not the first to come up with a system like this (there’s hundreds of different ‘To do’ notebooks, for one), but I’ve discovered a way that works for me. If only one person reads this and thinks ‘Hey, this might work for me too!’, I’m happy.

I’m also very happy because this means I’ve finally completed another goal on my list: 30. Buy a note book and write only lists in it.


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