All I want for Christmas is..

… you.


Time to get those festive lights out of their boxes!

But on a more serious note, it’s almost the end of November and thus the time has come to panic about what to ask for {insert festivity}. Whether it’s for Sinterklaas (a Dutch tradition), Christmas or even your birthday, you’re probably expected to make up a wish list so your beloved family members or friends are able to buy you things you’d actually like to get. If you’re one of those ‘Just buy something you think I’d like’-people, this is the time to remove yourself from my blog, as I’ve got a fiery hate burning just for you.

But, alas, wish lists have to be made. I am celebrating with three different groups of people and thus have some experience composing wish lists.

The first thing you’ll have to keep in mind is obviously the budget you’ve agreed on. I have a budget of €25 for the celebration with my family and have a budget of €10 for both the times I celebrate with friends. Both budgets I am pleased with and both allow room to ask for nice things you’d actually like to have, while still ensuring even your little brother is able to buy someone presents.

The second thing I always keep in mind, is to make sure I hand in my wish lists early enough so any online orders will arrive on time. A few years ago, my father was supposed to buy me presents and he ordered some things from an international web shop only a week before we had planned to celebrate. Needless to say, the order didn’t arrive in time and he bought me a chocolate letter as a consolation present to give me during the celebration. I was fine with it, didn’t really care, but it still was a bit stupid he hadn’t ordered it sooner, especially since I always hand in my lists long with enough time to order presents online.

Lastly, if you put things on your lists that have to be ordered online, make sure you include a link. Not everybody is as experienced with ordering things online as most young people are and if you want to be absolutely certain you will get the thing you’ve wished for, include a link.

Obviously, I wouldn’t write a post like this without including some things I’ve put on my wish lists. I always try to go for things that I’ll enjoy, but wouldn’t necessarily buy myself. Also, since my birthday is in January, I can recycle some of the ideas.

These two things I’ve put on all three of my wish lists: Anything owl related (I have some kind of obsession with owls) and any kind of mug, no matter the print or shape. I really like mugs and collect them as souvenirs, but I also enjoy them when they’re gifted to me.

Other things I’ve asked for this year, are:
The literary listography,
posters of the human anatomy (muscles and skeleton),
Q&A a day journal,
candles and
those small cactuses (cacti?) you can get at Ikea.

I hope this post has helped you with your wish lists or, if it hasn’t, that you still enjoyed it. I wish you a very happy festive month!


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