Recipe: Winter cookies

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Gingerbread cookies are lovely to eat in the festive season. They’ve got a taste that’s perfect for when it’s cold outside and you’re cuddled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a cookie. Christmas Eve, I got this urge to bake something and so I decided to look up a recipe for gingerbread cookies. I found one and made the dough, but by the time I was done, I didn’t feel like making them anymore.

So, Christmas morning after the festive breakfast, I got my dough out of the fridge and started preparing my cookies. One thing I hadn’t realised though, was that dough is better to mold when it’s at room temperature. So, next time I will try to remember that piece of advice I learned from Laura Vitale and get my dough out half an hour before I want to work with it.

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After I cut my cookies with my cookie cutters, I put them in the oven (in batches, because I made a ridiculous amount of dough). Once they were done, I let them cool for a little while before putting them to the taste. And they taste lovely! So, here’s the recipe I used for my gingerbread cookies. I found the recipe on a website and added some of my own twists.

What you’ll need:

  • 250 grams of salted butter (at room temperature)
  • 300 grams of light brown caster sugar
  • one egg
  • about one and a half teaspoon of lemon rasp
  • about one teaspoon of finely cut ginger
  • 375 grams of self-raising flour
  • two teaspoons cinnamon
  • one teaspoon ground clove
  • half a teaspoon nutmeg
  • pinch of salt
  • if you want: cookie cutters

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What you’ll need to do:

First, preheat your oven to 165°C.
Then, get out two bowls. One you’ll use for mixing together the wet ingredients (butter, sugar, egg, lemon rasp and, depending on if you use powder of ‘real’ ginger, the ginger) and the other you’ll use for the dry ingredients (the rest of the ingredients). Mix together the butter and sugar in the bowl until it’s creamy. Add the egg and mix it in until it’s incorporated. Now, add the lemon rasp and the ginger.

In the other bowl, mix together the self-raising flour, cinnamon, ground clove, nutmeg and the pinch of salt. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix together until it forms a ball. (I first used a fork until it got together enough to knead it with my hands). Cover the ball with cling film and put it away in the fridge for a couple of hours.

2014-12-25 11.51.27

After a few hours, get the ball of dough out and flour your work surface. Roll the dough out (with a rolling pin or just use your hands, whatever you prefer) until it’s about half a centimeter. Use your cookie cutters to cut out shapes (or just use a knife, if you don’t have any cutters). Place them on your sheet of baking paper and put them in the oven for about ten minutes. They’re done when they’re lightly golden brown.

Let them cool before you want to decorate them (I didn’t feel like decorating them) or before you eat them, since you don’t want to burn your tongue. And that’s it, you’ve just made lovely gingerbread cookies.

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