It’s almost 2015 and this means it’s time for some reflections; some looking back and some looking forward. What have I achieved this year, what could I have done better and what do I hope 2015 will bring.

First off, I’m very glad for all the trips abroad I had the chance to take on this year. I definitely did not think I’d see Newcastle, London and Budapest in 2014. I still want to travel more and see new cities, but I’m already very thankful for the cities I’ve been to.

Next year, I hope I get the chance to visit Dublin and maybe Athens. Dublin is a city I’ve only recently set my mind on, but I really want to go alone. I want to see how I like travelling alone and I think I’ll like it, as long as the trip is only a few days. Without friends to rely on, I think I’ll maybe get in contact with the ‘locals’ a bit easier. We’ll see how it goes. Athens is still a maybe, because a friend and I have long lasting plans to visit the city, but we’re both a bit tight on time. It would be nice to go, though! I’ve always wanted to go to Athens, especially since I was taught Ancient Greek when I was still in high school. I’ve visited loads of places with relations to the Romans, but not many places were to do with the Ancient Greek.

A thing about 2014 I’m very proud of, is that I finally completed the Start to Run program and ran a 5K race. I want to continue that trend in 2015 and for the new Day Zero list (which I’m already coming up with, since this one ends next August), I’ve included another 5K run. Definitely want to keep running in 2015. Not only because it’s good for my health, but also because I’ve ended up quite liking it (which I absolutely did not anticipate beforehand). Somehow, it’s relaxing and when I’m running, I don’t have to think about anything.

Money-wise, 2014 was a bit of a hard year for me. I’ve only got myself a proper side-job in October, so I’m not yet used to having money. The job I had before this one didn’t pay very well, so reaching the end of the month while not being broke was always a bit of a hardship. Now I’ve got a job that pays quite well and I can finally save up some money.

One last thing I really want to improve on: posting photos and pictures on this blog. For some reason, I can’t get them all to be the same size or the same quality and it really irks me. I want to learn to properly handle my DSLR and, while I’m at it, also want to learn how to photoshop. I know how to work with Paint Shop Pro, but it’s just a bit outdated and I want to be able to work with photoshop.

Lastly, I hope 2015 is going to be a good year. I end my internship in April. but I can probably stay on longer. Then in August, I start my internships in the hospital (co-schappen, voor de Nederlandse lezers) and I have no idea how much time off I’ll have. Will I be able to keep my job? I have absolutely no idea and while I don’t like that, it’s exiting to see what the future will bring.

And because it’s not 2015 yet, I’m still on time to say this:
I wish you a very happy new year and I hope it’s a good one.


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