Tools (#3)

DSC_6493It’s been a while since I showed you the tools which I use to customize my yearbooks.  My collection has grown a bit since last time and so I decided it was time to give you an update. It’s likely this is either the last update and after this, I’ve got enough tools (no) or next time I show you guys an update, my tools will be in a bigger box (yes).

The box hasn’t changed since last time, it’s still this cute little box with a blue ribbon on the lid.

DSC_6494I’ve got myself a nice little collection of stamps. All of these except two are from Hema. Sadly, I don’t have the receipt anymore, so I can’t tell you the prices.
The two stamps I got somewhere else, are the photocamera (which I can see now that it’s not really clear on the photo it’s a little photocamera) and the scroll wheel on the right. The photocamera I got from miniinthebox, the scroll wheel from Action.

DSC_6495The alphabet set on the right I already showed you last time, but the one of the left is new.  I like that it’s a bit more creative and set loose than the one on the right.

DSC_6496Some of these I already showed you, some are new. Not all of them I use often, but overall, I am happy I bought these.

DSC_6497Inkpads! I mostly use the larger ones, purely because that’s easier.

DSC_6499And lastly, my pens. The first three ones are from Ikea and are normal fine-liners. The other four are from a specialised store and are different sizes.

DSC_6498And this is how I store all the stamps and inkpads in the box. I story the pens somewhere else, because they didn’t fit in anymore.

I hope you liked this post and maybe it has inspired you to buy some tools to customize your own yearbook (or any other thing, really.)


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