Letters to 2015: February

Dear February,

I always kind of forget about you. I’m sorry, but you don’t stand out too much. Most of the time, you’re over before I had even realised you’d arrived. Maybe it’s because you’re always a bit shorter than the months surrounding you or maybe because you’re just another winter month. Winter, even though I love the season, always seems a bit like it just drags on after Christmas until, suddenly, it’s beginning to warm up and Spring is just around the corner.

You mostly consist of days filled with  complaints about the weather (assuming you don’t bring any snow, in which cause I’ll spend your days loving the weather). You don’t bring any vacations, you don’t bring any birthdays and since I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day or Carnaval, you also don’t bring any festivities. I’m so sorry to say, but you’re a bit of a boring month, really. I think the most exciting thing about you is that I try and plan my vacations when you’re around.

So, February, even though you’re not the most exciting month, I guess you’re alright. Maybe that’s what you’re for; to calm down completely after the busy days of Christmas and the sorting myself out in January. Maybe you’re just here to help me feel at ease and prepare for the busier days farther up in the year.

So, that’s what I’ll be doing this February. Sitting back a little and preparing myself for the busy days of March and April when I have to hand in my final report for my internship. But for now, I can still say all that hassle is too far away to worry about and I’ll appreciate the quiet for a bit longer. So thank you, February, for being a little oasis of peace in these busy times surrounding us.


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