Review: Eyeliner


Shockingly, I am not one for make-up. Not that I don’t think I could make do with some touching up every now and again, but I mostly lack the skills and knowledge to even try and do something with make-up, other than mascara and eye pencil. I’ve got a whole collection of lipsticks which I almost never dare to wear.

But! Maybe the time has finally come for me to progress into the unknown world of make-up. Since a year or so, I am really into eyeliner. One day, I decided I wanted to try it out, because it looked so good on other people, and after I got the technique down, I actually became quite good with eyeliner. So, nowadays I happily walk around with a lovely winged line above my eyes.

Since my last eyeliner ran out, I decided to go to the shops and buy some new ones. I found three new eyeliners and in this post, I will do my best to review them for you. Just, please, keep in mind that, while I’m quite acquainted with reviewing books, I am not acquainted with reviewing make-up and this is my first time doing so.

These are the three eyeliners I bought:


GOSH intense eyeliner pen 01 BLACK.


GOSH long lasting eye liner pen 008 CARBON BLACK


GOSH eye liner pen BLACK STAR


The first one I tried out, is the intense eyeliner pen 01. BLACK.


The tip is indeed a bit like a pen. I hadn’t used anything like this before, usually use liquid eyeliner and a small brush.


This is what it looks like on my hand. The thickness of the line can easily  be varied and curves also are quite easy to do. I like the pen, it’s very easy to work with.


I haven’t got any swatches on my eye, but it really doesn’t differ that much from my hand. The pen is easy to use and stays on for a long while (though removing it isn’t a difficulty). After a day, I noticed the eyeliner had begun to fade from the inner corners of my eye, but the last eyeliner I had actually crumbled off by then. I really like this pen and also if you’re not very used to eyeliner, it should be easy enough to apply.


The next eyeliner is the long lasting eyeliner pen 008. CARBON BLACK.


Every time I open this, I expect the tip to be on the other side of the package. I’m not sure if I’m just a bit dim or if the package is really confusing.
This eyeliner is a bit like a pen, though it’s more liquid than the one above. Still, with a bit of practice, I’m sure everyone could master this one too.


An this is what it looks like on my hand. The lines are easy to vary in thickness and I can also make a winged line on my eyelid without any effort.


The 008. CARBON BLACK eyeliner is very easy to use, since it’s a bit like a pen still. Maybe a bit more practice and care is required in comparison to the 01. BLACK eyeliner, but it’s really not that hard. I noticed this one stayed on better after wearing it for a day, even after rubbing my eyes the eyeliner stayed on quite well. It comes off without a hassle and I am very happy I picked up this eyeliner. I can tell already that I will be using this one a lot.


The third and last eyeliner is the eyeliner pen  BLACK STAR.


Finally an eyeliner that’s right up my lane. It’s liquid and comes with a brush, something I’m very much used to.


But I am actually a bit disappointed with this eyeliner. It doesn’t leave a nice black line and if I go over it to blacken it up, it actually makes it worse. I liked the idea of a black night with stars, but this is more like a grey and dark day with some stars. When I tried it on my eyelid, I almost didn’t notice the black colour.


I am regretting buying this eyeliner, since it didn’t turn out to be what I expected at all. When I buy a black eyeliner, I expect the colour to be black, but this isn’t at all. I’m sure you could go over the line again after you’ve let it dry to intensify the colour, but that is not what I want.

In the end, I am very happy with 01. BLACK and 008. CARBON BLACK and would definitely recommend those eyeliners to anyone. Someone who’s maybe a bit scared of eyeliner (as I used to be) could probably best start with 01. BLACK, since it’s easiest. BLACK STAR, however, turned out to be a waste of money.

(I am not sponsored or anything by GOSH. Would be a bit large for my first make-up review. It’s just that they were on sale and that’s why I’ve only bought this one brand)


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