Satellite Sports Cafe

If you’re ever on Leidseplein in Amsterdam, you’ll see a large banner promoting unlimited spare ribs for €11.95 on a restaurant next to the Burger King in the corner. The banner belongs to the Satellite Sports Cafe and I am here to tell you that the spare ribs are really good!

As you can probably tell, this is another post in my series of posts about my favourite places in Amsterdam. Last time, I told you about Genroku. This one is about the Satellite Sports Cafe located on Leidseplein. Because of its prominent location, I don’t think I’m going to surprise any locals with this post.

My first time in the Sports Cafe was a bit on a stroke of good luck. I hadn’t been before, but the idea of unlimited spare ribs seemed very appealing. Turned out, not only were the spare ribs very appealing, they’ve also got great deals for various drinks. We got a bucket of beers (four) for €10,-, which is not a bad offer at all. Regular drinks are a bit pricier, though I have to admit the glasses are quite big.

One small thing about the Sports Cafe is that their waitresses change shift at six o’clock and they want you to pay the bill before that. So even if you’re just having some drinks before ordering dinner, they’ll still want you to pay for those already.

If you’re looking for a place to hang out and enjoy some great spare ribs, make sure you go to the Satellite Sports Cafe. You’ll be able to pass the time by catching up with your friends, or, if you can’t be bothered, you can always follow whatever game is on one of the many tv screens that hang around the establishment.



One thought on “Satellite Sports Cafe

  1. Jaaa Satellite Sports Cafe is echt heel leuk! Je kunt daar ook heerlijke pasta eten. En die glazen zijn echt groot, 500 ml volgens mij, dus eigenlijk 2 glazen.

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