Want to visit


I’ve been in this strange mood, lately. I keep having this feeling that I’m restless, that I can’t just sit down. And I think I know why I’m like this.

I want to travel. I want to travel and visit new places so bad, and it pains me that I don’t have the money nor the time to just go for it. But since I do have the time and money to look at every travel blog there is, I keep getting more and more frustrating with all the beautiful pictures and incredible tales all these blogs tell me about.

Since I’ve never been one to suffer in peace, I will share five places I really want to visit with you.

First up, there’s Athens.
Not only do I want to visit this Greek city because of its extremely rich history and beautiful ruins, but also because I was taught Ancient Greek in high school, but despite that, I’ve never actually been there. I would love to finally see all the places and sights I’ve learned about with my own eyes instead of in a textbook.
Luckily, my friend and I have planned a short trip to Athens. Early June, we’ll be flying that way and stay for three nights. Of course, you can expect some blog posts about our stay and the city shortly after!

Moving from the east side of Europe to the west, the next city on my list is Edinburgh. I have to admit that I don’t know a lot about the city, but I have heard it’s incredibly beautiful. I would combine a visit to Edinburgh with a trip through its surroundings, maybe even visit Glasgow too. I have had this vague plan in my head for a while to roadtrip (traintrip? I’d travel solely by train) through Great Britain. I’d start somewhere north, like Edinburgh (I think Aberdeen would be a bit too far up north). Then I’d go south via Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Cardiff. After that, I’d travel somewhere to the coast (like maybe Brighton?) and after that back up north to London, where I’d stay for a few more days before flying back home. As I said, it’s a very vague plan and I haven’t mapped it out in the slightest, but it is definitely something I would love to do.

The third place I’d love to visit is Prague, the main capital of the Czech Republic. Some of my friends have already visited the city and I would like to follow their example. Eastern Europe is often quite a bit cheaper than Western Europe, so maybe this trip could happen somewhere in the nearer future. From what I’ve heard, Prague is a very friendly city which can be explored in a couple of days. I would absolutely want to stroll through its history filled streets and discover more about Eastern Europe. When I visited Budapest last year, I realised that I really do not know an awful lot about Eastern Europe’s history and I wouldn’t mind changing that.

After seeing a bit of Eastern Europa and Great Britain, I want to go up north to visit Scandinavia. My main choice would be Sweden, since most of the people I know have visited the country that is home to Ikea and have loved it. I’d want to go to Stockholm, but I would also go a bit more inland and explore the rural parts of Sweden. Maybe not when it’s winter, though, that might be a bit much. However, Stockholm seems like a very good place to start.

You might have noticed that I don’t necessarily feel the need to travel south. And I’m very happily going to continue this trend, seeing as I want to visit Copenhagen, Denmark. Sticking to Scandinavia, as you can see. A few friends of mine have been to Copenhagen and have told me about its beauty and I would like to see for myself. I want to see the colourful houses, want to see if the real thing reminds me as much of the Netherlands as the pictures do.  I want to read about Hans Christian Andersen and take a selfie with the Little Mermaid.

These are five places I would really like to visit. Obviously, there’s a lot more places that I wouldn’t mind going, but these ones are high up on my list (some even planned already) and are also cities I could visit on my own or with a friend for a quick visit. They’re not impossible to get to and I’m sure that I could even manage to find cheap-ish flights.



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