What’s in my bag #2


It’s been a while (a year and a half, even!) since my last What’s in my bag and a lot has changed. For one, I don’t have to attend lectures anymore. At the moment, I am at the end of writing my master’s thesis, so I don’t have to carry any notebooks or books with me. That being said, I thought it would be nice to show you what I’ve got on my bag for a normal day.


This is what the inside of my bag looks like. I didn’t clean it up or tidy it out, so what you see is what you get. My bag is from Action, a very cheap story in the Netherlands (and other European countries) and cost €9,-. I absolutely don’t care about what kind of brand my bag is, so I get a cheap one which looks nice.


First, my bullet journal and my agenda. I always carry these with me and write everything down. Little things I have to remember go in my bullet journal, meetings and so are written in my agenda. I absolutely need the both of them to keep my life organised.


Next are my wallet, some deodorant and my penholder. I’ve had my wallet for a while and I’m starting to dislike the pattern on the outside, so I’m looking for a replacement.


Public transport card! This card and my phone are the two things I will ALWAYS carry when I’m going out.


This nifty little thing is my bag-in-bag. It’s a small bag with a lot of pockets to keep your bag organised. I got mine of eBay, for about three dollars or so.


The first things I pulled out of the bag-in-bag, are my external battery (which is a life-saver), a foldable bag I got at Primark and use when I go grocery shopping, a container of gum and my card-holder. In my card-holder I keep all my cards from different stores and stuff, so they don’t overcrowd my wallet.


Then I’ve got some tissues (which will come in handy in a couple of weeks when my hay-fever will be playing up), an elastic band, a charger for my phone, the keys to my house and my bike, a small bottle of contact fluid and the card which I use to get to my internship.


And these are the last things that were left in my bag. It’s my iPod touch 4, iPod nano 4, iPod charger, elastic band, micro USB to iPod charger converter, Burt’s Bees lip balm, sanitary towel, and sticky memos in the form of plasters. I’ve got two iPods in my bag because I bought the iPod touch second hand, but also didn’t want to throw out my Nano, which has served my for many years.


And that’s it! Looking back on it, I carry a lot of random shit in my bag. I could probably do with cleaning out my bag, but I always make up excuses why I have to put things back in my bag (I might need them sometime! Somebody else might need them!!).

What do you have in your bag? Do you also carry a lot of crap?


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