90. Make a list of fifteen historical buildings I’d like to visit (again)

IMGP0013In my (relatively short, I know) life, I’ve seen a few landmarks. I have seen the Big Ben, the London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, I have seen the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain in Rome, I have seen Pompeii, I have seen the Berliner Dom and Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. I will immediately admit that I’ve seen some things other people might never see. And that’s okay, since other people have seen things that I will never see.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to visit more cities, more countries. I want to see more famous landmarks and scuffle through more small backstreet and discover hidden treasures. I definitely want to travel more and see the world. But, since I’m only a student and don’t have much money, for now I’ll have to stick to dreaming. So that’s what I’ll do, dream. I dream of visiting the following landmarks.

1. Acropolis (Greece)
The first landmark I want to see, is the Acropolis in Greece. This is the only landmark on the list I know I am going to see very soon, since my friend and I are going to Greece in June! We’re both really looking forward to it and if you have any tips for us, let us know! Which museums do we absolutely have to pay a visit, where’s the best food and what places should we avoid? I would love to hear from you!

2. Colosseum (Italy)
The second landmark is the one of the landmarks I have already seen. It’s the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. I have been there with my Ancient Languages class when still in High School, back in 2010. I would not mind at all to go back to Rome and see the Colosseum (among others) again, but this time be my own boss and not having to keep to a tight schedule.

3. Eiffel Tower (France)
This might seem a bit surprising, since The Netherlands is really not that far from France, but I have never seen the Eiffel Tower. I just have never been to Paris. I think I would like to visit Paris once I’m in a relationship (since it is the city of love, after all). Anyhow, the Eiffel Tower (and Paris’ other wonders) are definitely on my ‘To visit’ list!

4. Great Wall of China (China)
While the last landmarks were all in Europe, this one is a bit further away. It’s the Great Wall of China. It would be so amazing to see a part of this, to be able to walk on it a bit. I have no idea of the rumour is true, but I’ve heard the Wall is visible from space. I don’t even want to check if it’s true or not, because the idea that it COULD be is just so amazing for me.

5. Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy)
For landmark five, we’re going back to Italy. I want to be an ultimate tourist and take a stupid ‘lean against the tower’ picture with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I wouldn’t even be ashamed that I would be just another unoriginal tourist, haha.

6. Machu Picchu (Peru)
Like the Great Wall of Chine, this landmark is a bit further away and definitely not scheduled for the next few years. It’s Machu Picchu, in Peru. It would be so, so amazing to visit this. I’ve always been interested in the Native Americans (though more when I was younger than nowadays) and to learn more about them and their culture would be so great.

7. Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)
Back to Europe for the next landmark. The Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is such a beautiful castle that I can already imagine the tales told about it even from the picture (even though it’s really not that old, built in the late 1800’s). We’ve got castles in The Netherlands (even one in my parents’ home town, though it’s a small one and half of it is gone), but none as magnificent as this one.

8. Palace of Versailles (France)
Back to France, for the Palace of Versailles. I took an art class when I was still in high school and we also did a subject on France and of course, the Palace of Versailles was mentioned. I have to admit that I don’t remember a lot about it anymore.

9. Pompeii (Italy)
Pompeii is the second landmark that I’ve visited before, on the same trip as the one where I visited the Colosseum.  I would love to visit Pompeii (and the Vesuvius) again, especially since I’ve heard rumours about the Italian government not trying to preserve it.

10. Pyramids (Egypt)
I’ve never been to Egypt and I would love to visit. It’s a land with such a rich culture, but at the moment, I wouldn’t feel save to go there. However, I do want to visit the Pyramids at least once in my lifetime.

11. Statue of Christ the Redeemer (Brazil)
Since the World Championship Football 2014 was in Brazil, I’ve seen a lot of the Statue of Christ the Redeemer on TV. But that’s not the same as seeing it for real, now is it. I wouldn’t say no to visiting South-America in general, but this Statue is definitely on the list of specific things I would like to see.

12. Statue of Liberty (United States of America)
I’ve never been to America (I’ve never left Europe) and there’s a couple of things I’d be interested in if I ever would visit America. For one, there’s the statue of Liberty. Second, there’s the Walmart stores, just to see if they’re really as fucking huge as everybody says they are.

13. Stonehenge (England)
Back to Europe. Stonehenge is definitely on my ‘to see’ list. I want to visit a lot of places in the United Kingdom and I can’t skip Stonehenge. However, I’m not really expecting a lot of grandeur, since my brother’s seen it and just described it as ‘a fucking block of stones, I don’t get the hassle’. So there’s that.

14. Taj Mahal (India)
Shamefully, I haven’t got a lot to say about the Taj Mahal. I want to visit it. I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. That’s pretty much it.

15. Terracotta Army (China)
And lastly, the Terracotta Army in China! I would like to visit several Asian countries, but I’m not really a backpacking kind of person, so I figure this’ll have to wait until I’m properly employed and got some money to spare.

That concludes the list of landmarks I want to visit! I could come up with at least fifty more places I would like to visit, but this post has to end sometime. If any of you, however, think of a place that I just can NOT skip out of, please let me know!



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