Last week, my friend and I decided to visit Nijmegen. Nijmegen is a Dutch city located in Gelderland, which is one of the counties I still had to visit. We planned this visit a while ago and we lucked out extremely, since the weather was beautiful! Just like our visit to Maastricht, we bought a map containing a city walk and spent the day strolling through the city.


Getting started on our city walk! We bought the map at the VVV office, which is a tourist information shop.


The first thing we visited was Kronenburg park. It’s a lovely park in the centre of Nijmegen. We were pretty surprised by the difference in heights in Nijmegen and we first noticed that in Kronenburg park.


After that, it was on to the Lange Hezelstraat.It’s the oldest shopping street in Nijmegen and is nice to walk through.


The Anthonispoort was also one of the things mentioned on the map. I believe it said it was a large gate, but we found that a bit of an exaggeration.


This picture clearly shows the difference in heights in Nijmegen. It may not seem like a lot to you, but I’m from the very flat grounds of Noord-Holland and this is a lot to me, hah.


The church was being refurbished, so sadly I only got these pictures with a lot of racks in front of it. It seemed like they were taking it down though, so if we’d come a week later, it would probably be gone.


De Waag! Very pretty building, though our map said that in earlier days, animals were slaughtered here. After the remains that hadn’t been sold had been there long enough that they were starting to smell, they were sold for a lower price to the poor people living outside the city.


Het Valkhof. This piece of land has been around long enough to be used by the Romans to build a fortress. After several armies in several centuries had captured and recaptured the place, this is what’s left of it. This is a small church, surprisingly intact.


This is a little less intact, as you can see. This ruin also used to belong to part of a church, with an upper level and a ground floor. The pillars on both sides also stem from Roman times, though the rest of the ruin does not.


The entrance gate to the Valkhof. It’s all very pretty, as you can see.


This is on the other side of the wall from Valkhof. The building right on the picture looks over the Waal, the large body of water lying next to Nijmegen. We were told that it’s called belvédère, ‘beautiful view’.

Those were the pictures I took of Nijmegen. It was a lovely day and Nijmegen truly is a very beautiful city. It’s also a collected place, I didn’t experience the rushed feeling I often get in Amsterdam. The place we had our dinner, Dromaai, was recommended by the friend who went with us. Dromaai is a lovely restaurant with a cheeky menu and definitely worth checking out! All in all, we had a great day and I would definitely not mind to visit Nijmegen again.


4 thoughts on “Nijmegen!

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  2. Hey, Nijmegen looks like a great place. Love your writing style and good luck with your Day Zero challenge, I’m sure you’ll complete it easily. Surely you are well on your way to doing it already? We’re off to Nijmegen for a few weeks soon on our little adventure. Any places there that we should definitely visit? Jonno.

    • Hi! Thank you! I’m on my way, but not as far as I’d hoped I’d be!

      I would also advice you to buy a walking tour, because it is a lot of fun and brings you to most places I would recommend visiting. The Valkhof is lovely when the weather is nice, though, that’s for sure! Have fun on your adventure!

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