What living in Amsterdam has taught me

2014-03-10 13.13.22

Yeah, nope, no picture of the canals of Amsterdam. Shame on me, I actually don’t own any nice pictures of Amsterdam. So, Artis it is, then.

It’s been over three years since I moved from a small town to Amsterdam. Even though the transition hasn’t always been easy, I enjoy living in Amsterdam now. However, there’s a few things everybody who wants to visit (or live in) Amsterdam should know.

  • Tourists are the absolute worst at everything. Cycling, walking, moving in any direction at all. They suck.
  • Speaking of cycling, do NOT get in the way of a cyclist. They will run you over. Even I will run you over if you dare to step in front of my bike.
  • Also, thanks to all the cycling, there’s bikes everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
  • Canals are beautiful on photos, but an absolute pain in the ass when you have to cycle over the very steep and high bridges.
  • Friends who also live in Amsterdam still live surprisingly far away.
  • Do not even try to enjoy Dam Square of the Kalverstraat during the day, because it will be swarmed with tourists.
  • But also don’t bother going there at night, because while Amsterdam might be a big city, shops still close at 6pm.
  • There’s practically no public transport available at night.
  • Also, whatever public transport is available, is ridiculously expensive.
  • The ferries between Central Station and Amsterdam Noord are not calculated for the rising popularity of Noord.
  • However, even though Noord is rising in popularity, Amsterdammers will still shit on it. Hard. Even if they’ve never even been.
  • On another note, you’ll NEVER be the only one on the ferry. Not even when it’s the dead of night and the streets are completely empty, there will always be at least three other persons with you on the ferry.
  • Central Station is a fucking mess. There’s multiple tunnels, confusing platforms and just .. it is a mess. Even Dutch people don’t understand Central Station, so you’re forgiven if you don’t either.
  • The bus station on Central Station only opened recently and while it’s pretty and the idea itself is convenient, it is located in the worst place possible. If you get out of the tube and want to go to the bus, you have to walk through the FUCKING WHOLE of Central Station.
  • Bus drivers are either the nicest people on the Earth or complete and utter shitheads. No in between.
  • The Vondelpark serves as the backyard for the whole of Amsterdam and gets seriously busy whenever the weather is nice.

However, even though I’m complaining often enough, I do enjoy living in Amsterdam. It’s always buzzing and everybody seems constantly on the move. It’s so nice to be able to just sit back and enjoy living in a big city for these busy years of my life.


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