Letters to 2015: May

Dear May,

I am quite excited for you. Loads of stuff happening in May. For one, I’m going to have to rewrite my essay (which I wrote for my master’s thesis) into an actual article, which might actually get published! In a journal! That people read! Wow! I also have to complete some other work for uni, which might also lead me to an article (but that’s far away still).

I am also going to visit Dublin at the end of May, which I’m SO SO looking forward too. It’ll be my first time on my own abroad. I’m quite curious to see how I’ll turn out to be if I’ve got no one to fall back on. Luckily, I’m only going for three nights, so if it turns out not to be my thing,  that’s fine. I’m just really hoping travelling alone can be a thing that I do. Even though I love travelling with friends and am going to Athens with a friend, it is so much easier to travel alone. No one to keep in mind, no one to discuss dates with,  no one to tell you they don’t want to do that thing that you really want to do. Even though I don’t think that’ll happen in Athens, because my friend and I are pretty interested in culture and the reliquiae of ancient times that can be found in Athens.

So, yeah! Busy month, May. I feel like all my months so far have been busier that I expected them to be. Sometimes I wonder if I am not taking on too much, but so far I’m able to handle it. It helps that I don’t have to go to lectures right now, because I don’t think I could juggle all these things when also having to attend lectures from 9 – 5.

Maybe it’s for the best, even, that I am keeping myself busy. After I’ve given my presentation on my master’s thesis, I am not expected to show up there anymore. That means I’ve got about three months until my internships in which I have almost no physical obligations expect for my side-job. It’s very easy to just slack off this way, and I know I am prone to doing exactly that. It’s probably one of the reasons why I am keeping myself busy during the day.

Anyhow! May! I hope you turn out to be fun! I hope you turn out to be productive! I hope I liked having you around at the end of it.


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