Endings, new beginnings

As you might have noticed, something has changed on my blog. Suddenly, a new page has appeared, containing a brand new list full of goals to accomplish by late 2018. The list that I originally started my blog for, is ending soon (August 3rd, to be precise).

However, I am not, by any means, done. For one, the list is helplessly uncompleted, but I also realised in the last few years that I quite like to blog. So, for this reason, I’ve started a new list. A new Day Zero project, with 101 new (or not-so-new) goals to complete by May 1st 2018 (and starting the day after my old one ends). Some goals have made a second appearance, some have been slightly altered, some have gotten a sequel and some are just completely new to the game. Whatever it is, I like it. But I also like my ‘old’ (it’s not old yet, now is it) list a lot, so I will keep it up at the top of the page. I don’t know if I will update it after August 3rd (feels a bit like cheating, to be honest), but the jury’s not out on that one yet.

Anyhow! Now you know what I’m up to and what’s going to happen to this blog (not much). As the list is not yet complete, I haven’t numbered the goals yet. As soon as I’ve collected my 101 goals, I will put those in too. If anybody has any tips for goals to put in, let me know!


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