Postmodern Jukebox

Today, as I was being busy doing nothing on the internet, I stumbled upon a band that has been posting music on Youtube. I often find new music this way, but I am so incredibly impressed right now, that I feel like I need to share this.

The band I’ve found, is called Postmodern Jukebox. I couldn’t find an ‘About’ section on their site, but I believe they’re American based. They post covers of songs on Youtube, but the songs are performed in an postmodern style!

Check out some of their songs! I really think they’re worth a listen.

I really like the singer in the middle, Hayley Reinhart. Apparently, she has also appeared on American Idol a few years back, but I think she’s improved amazingly since then. Just look at this:

But, anyway, back to Postmodern Jukebox. They’ve covered all kinds of songs, in all kinds of styles, with all kinds of singers and I’m all for it!

Listen to this cover! I know I can’t keep up with the rap verses of the original songs, but she just races through the first part of the chorus and I definitely also can’t keep up with that! It’s brilliant.

I can keep posting their videos, but the best you can do is visit their channel and take a look for yourself!



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