Last Friday, when the weather in the Netherlands finally took a turn for the good, a friend and I headed to Vlissingen. It’s a small town located in the south of the Netherlands, near the North Sea.

Our plans were to take a walking tour of the city and to relax at the beach after. We figured the walking tour would last for at least two hours, but when we bought the map, we noticed that Vlissingen really is a very tiny city. The walking tour took us an hour and a half, at most. That’s including the lunch we had about halfway through. However, even though the tour doesn’t last very long, it shows you all the sights Vlissingen has to offer.

Many people in the Netherlands have heard of Michiel de Ruyter. He was a Dutch sailor in the 17th century and is well known for his victories against the English. He was born and raised in Vlissingen and the walking tour leads you past a large statue of his.


Furthermore, Vlissingen also has a beautiful view over the Western Scheldt. At one point, the city wall along the shore holds a stone which shows you which cities are located where across the water.

After we’d finished the walking tour, we sat down on a bench overlooking the Western Scheldt and catched up for a few hours more. At the time when we were ready to go home, we could see a storm coming over the water. Thunder and lightning are very pretty phenomenons when the storm hasn’t reached you yet.

All in all, we had a lovely day. The weather, though a bit hesitant at first, decided to go all-out during midday. Vlissingen is a really pretty town, but since it’s quite a bit away from everything, make sure you visit on a day when the weather is nice enough to lay down on the beach and maybe go for a swim.

Sadly, thouh, my camera didn’t cooperate with me this day. As a result, I’ve only got one picture that I could use for this blogpost and another that I’ve taken from my Instagram account. I don’t know why my camera didn’t work properly, but it has been acting up for a while now. I think it’s time I get it to get checked.


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