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I hadn’t realised this before, but I’m well on my way to visit twelve cities in the Netherlands! The ninth city on the list is Leeuwarden. About a week ago, Alieke and I decided to visit the capital of Friesland. I had been to Leeuwarden before, but couldn’t remember anything about the city. Combined with the fact that Alieke also knew next to nothing about the city, it made for a perfect little trip.

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Not the tower of Pisa, but still a leaning tower.

The weather forecast was brilliant, so, as always, we settled on getting a city map at the tourist information and just walking around the city. However, the city map we got (which was the standard city map) was incredibly confusing. Usually, the map shows a route to walk and includes information on buildings and statues and the likes.

2015-06-30 12.50.15

All throughout Leeuwarden, stones like this one can be found. The poems printed on them are either in Frysian (like this one) or in Dutch.

This map, however, did not do that. It showed you a route to walk and included numbers, but the numbers didn’t refer to anything. The back of the map showed information on buildings and another map with different numbers. We had to puzzle which number on our route was which number on the map on the back (and sometimes, the number didn’t even exist on the other map) and then figure out if there was extra information available for that number. If this explanation confuses you, just imagine how we felt!

2015-06-30 13.08.45

The beautiful building of the apothecary.

Nonetheless, we made it work with our map and completed the walk of the city. After that, we took a ride on an electric boat. It’s called praamvaren and you get a tour through the canals of Leeuwarden. A ticket can be bought at the bookshop next to the canal. If you, even after I’ve told you about it, still want to buy the city map, the location of the start of the praamvaren tour is marked on it.

2015-06-30 13.59.18

The Waag (weighing-house)

Praamvaren marked the end of our tour of the city and after dinner at La Cubanita, we drove our car back home. Leeuwarden is quite a lovely city, but I am seriously disappointed by the city map. It’s confusing and doesn’t do its job properly. Also, Leeuwarden is a pretty remote city and might not be worth the visit if you’re staying somewhere near Amsterdam. I’d prefer to visit Leiden or Den Bosch, to be honest. However, it was still a very nice day and I did enjoy myself.

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